Project Rings and Wings
tijdens Art Basel 2024

Lorins Promenade through the Art Basel 24.
De Lorin vaart op de route met performances en muziek langs Basel, Straatsburg, Keulen, Duisburg, Amsterdam en Rotterdam
Op de boot komt mijn werk bestaande uit 70 puzzlestukken te hangen aangevuld met gemaakte puzzlestukken en de ringen van de familie van Anmari Mëtsa Yabi Wili.

André Smits made a photo for his project Artist in the world

AITW HUBSA AIR/#5 on board of cultural cargo boat LORIN

2 8-1 to 4-2 2024, stay AITW HUBSA AIR #5

I had the following goals for the stay at Lorin: go back to the neighborhood in Rotterdam Noord, where I was born in 1956 and spent the first six years of my live and connect the experiences and places I find there with my current art practice in 2024. As an instrument for this I took the wooden Van Nelle puzzle with me. I found the puzzle in the house of my mother while cleaning it out when she died. The Van Nelle factory is the place where Art Rotterdam is situated, for me a good symbol to connect the different times.
2. to investigate the Rotterdam art world, visit several artist studios, galleries and other places I feel a connection with.
3. to work further on the pieces I am constructing in my studio.

How I worked on these 3 points as follows:
1. I made several bicycle tours and put puzzle pieces somewhere on the buildings related to my youth and made photo’s. Later, as I found my way to the bottom of the tin that contained the jigsaw puzzle pieces they turned out to be half-decayed. I cleaned the most of them and made a little installation in the boat by hanging the pieces on the ceiling. It became very nice to look at especially because of the moving of the boat they all where moving above my head.
2. I went to the following places:
Art Rotterdam Van Nelle factory, KAAI, 701, de Garage, gallery Untitled, WTC gallery, Brutus, New Current, Brutus Lab, Huidenclub.
3. In between I worked on two pieces, which I will develop further in the studio.

Reports on Facebook
Everyday I wrote a report of my experiences on the bike and put photo’s of all projects online. People followed me daily. I also put some of the images on Instagram, which in my opinion is less suitable for these reports, because it works mostly visually and is also less about personal stories.
During this week my aunt, the youngest sister of my mother died, which is the end of the generation, the end of a personal history.

An example of a family story I stumbled on:
You never get rid of your family, but you can do something nice with it sometimes.
I cycled down Woelwijkstraat. In that neighborhood I know almost all the street names somewhere. Often they have an immediate connotation, good or bad. My great-grandmother, whom I have known as a child, lived in Woelwijkstraat, she was quite a strong lady according to the stories about her…. Her children had to obey until late in life after they got married, and apparently they did.

I remembered the picture of my grandmother and her family standing in front of their house in the Woelwijkstraat. When I was in Suriname in 2012 and took pictures of the people (women) with their children also standing in front of their house, I saw a parallel, the pride they showed was the same. I later used this in a painting.

The last two days I opened the workspace to show the results of the 5 days working in the residency.

SAT 3rd and SUN 4th of February 1-5 pm
Levie Vorstkade 27, opposite
3071AG Rotterdam

Verslag van de fietstochten door Rotterdam

Steeds op FB geplaatst met foto’s van plekken uit mijn jeugd en kunst van nu. Ik vind mijn eigen website niet geschikt om het werk van de kunstenaars die ik niet persoonlijk ken en ook niet die ik wel ken hier te plaatsen. Daardoor is het een onvolledig beeld